Volumetric Programming with pre-infusion chamber

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Volumetric Programming with pre-infusion chamber

Post by wacevedo » Tue Feb 17, 2015 3:20 pm

This may have been addressed plenty of times, so my apologies up front.

My mini Vivaldi II has a pre-infusion chamber preinstalled from Chris Coffee. I've read in several forum discussions that when it comes to volumetric programming the recommendation is to program 2 oz of water for a double shot using an empty PF, or a little more if you want to be able to cut off the shot due to early blonding. Now, in my experience I have never to produce the 1.5-2oz shot when programming 2oz of water with an empty PF. Is this caused by pre-infusion? Basically I have to program at least 4 oz of water to produce the 1.5-2oz in 25-30 secoonds. I've also noticed coffee starts bonding faster than I would like.

In the manual the instructions are to program with coffee in the PF.

I normally dose 16 gr, tamp at ~ 30 lbs of pressure. it takes 7-8 secs for liquid to starting flowing through portafilter (pre-infusion time).
Grinder=Vario, set at 3F.

Any help uis greatly appreciated.
Thanks. Will

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