DP Sidamo, IMV, etc.

Discussion of the merits of various green beans, where to obtain them, and how best to roast them.
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DP Sidamo, IMV, etc.

Post by bbqnut »

Having been out of espresso for awhile since getting rid of my Livia 90, I am sort of taking a new approach now that I have such a nice machine that I can adjust temp on, and rely on consistency. I am really, really trying to taste everything as single origin before blending.

I have found that most of the Dry Processed Ethiopians are really nice and smooth as SO. I have tried the DP Sidamo, as well as the Idido Misty Valley (IMV), which I think is considered Yirgacheffe. I will be trying the Lekempti soon, but have similar expectations.

Of course a 50-50 of any Ethiopian and Brazil is a great starting place for a blend. I have a lot of the Daterra Yellow Bourbon that is a real nice compliment to just about anything.

Most of the stuff I have in my stash is from the Green Coffee Buying Club, and when you can get some of this stuff for $2-$4 a pound, it is really easy to stockpile way too much coffee! Of course it is all green, so it must be roasted. But that is what is so cool about roasting your own, you can walk out, look at your stash, and decide your own fate for the week!

Post by Niko »

I haven't tried blending IMV yet since it's a fantastic cup all by itself. I just think what a waste of good beans, I only blend stuff that I don't like.
Lekempti is one to watch out for, it's really "different" - I'm not sure how it would take to blending, maybe add some salt (just kidding) - this stuff is super duper fruity. Tom (@Sweet Maria's) description of it was an understatement, he was probably trying to be nice - this stuff is really fruity. I love IMV so much that I ordered 40lbs, only halfway through it and it's a memorable bean. My all time favorite is the Aussie, I've never been so addicted to a coffee before - I only serve it to the wife and myself.
Interesting what you said about the Gene Cafe on the other thread. I love my iRoast2 but it's going into semi-retirement soon when the "new" Hottop model surfaces, but for now I might order another Vivaldi from Chris when the new shipment arrives end of next month. I feel left out, after all, I only have the Vivaldi I and a Quick Mill E61...
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