Low flow rate?

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Low flow rate?

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I suddenly seem to experience a lower flow rate. In 30 seconds, without portafilter, 107 ml water exits the shower screen. Backflushes don't help and the screens and dispersion disk have recently been cleaned. I recently descaled the brew and steam boilers, maybe something has been dislodged.

Anyone knows the expected flow rates for a plumbed in Dream with vibratory pump? Usual suspects would be flow meter, entrance brew boiler and 3 way solenoid, or anything else?

As to further descaling, would there be any negative from descaling the brew water system by inserting the plumb line in vinegar and having the pump suck in and pump it through the system? Or is it better to descale only specific parts by removing them? I'm a bit concerned about O-rings or gaskets breaking and having to wait for shipments before the machine would be usable again.
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