Spaziale S1 Steam Boiler Overheating

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Spaziale S1 Steam Boiler Overheating

Post by markpives »

Hi everyone, my steam boiler is overheating...

I have replaced the following: triac, temp sensor, and even the computer board.

The boiler light keeps blinking even as the pressure climbs into the red, so the computer doesn't know the boiler temperature, which is typical of a bad temp sensor. I thought I may have gotten a faulty new temp sensor and so replaced it a second time, but no better. There is no power going to the steam boiler when in standby, so the triac is good.

I adjusted the offset temperature also, but that hasn't made a difference.

It seems like I may have a wiring issue, but cannot figure out what that could be. There aren't any thorough wiring diagrams for the machine.

I have talked to Clive and Chris Coffee, but they are stumped as well.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Re: Spaziale S1 Steam Boiler Overheating

Post by chas »

Does the boiler pressure gauge go down to zero when the machine is cold?
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