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Timer DIY

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Has anyone properly looked at how to DIY a timer alternative? I searched the forum and a few people mentioned thinking that it uses a serial protocol - is it documented or has anyone tried reverse engineering it? I guess if there's anyone in the UK with a timer I could have a look at it wouldn't take long to work out...

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Re: Timer DIY

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I’ve wondered about this myself for my Vivaldi II. It seems to me that knowing the serial RS-232 commands, the machine could easily be controlled through home automation software and something like a Global Cache iTach.

Does anybody know where we could find a table of the serial commands?

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Re: Timer DIY

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Two things:

1) I have never seen the serial protocol used between the front panel and the controller board documented.

2) To remotely turn the machine on and off, that protocol is not what is used anyway. All you have to do is momentarily ground the right pin on the front panel. If you use the Search feature on this forum you should be able to find any number of different solutions folks have come up with the implement this method.
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