S1- water box

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S1- water box

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Hi all,
I have noticed problem with my S1- water box.
When I make some coffee I hear strange noise and saw different water pressure, depending on how much force I use to pull water box. (While making coffee).
I replaced rubber o-ring in water box connector, and I know water pump was replaced to new one before I bought that machine.

Do You have some experience with similar problems? Where to search a problem? Maybe there is some tip to connect that water box permanently?
And load pour water from the top of machine? Or connect water from home central water pipe? (but probably some additional water filter will be needed then?)

Sometimes also I have problems with led red indicator. Even if water box is fully filled.. But it probably depends on magnet, which maybe is in bad angle.


DO You have some ideas? How to make water pressure independent on water box pushing?

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Re: S1- water box

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