Triac failure signs?

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Triac failure signs?

Post by BP10000 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:34 am

I have a new issue with my Mini V2: the steam boiler is beginning to overheat, but only after pulling shots.

I can leave it on for hours and it maintains pressure nicely, but after pulling a couple shots and some hot water, I often find that 5 to 15 minutes later the steam boiler pressure will slowly creep into the red and I get "gentle" relieving from the safety valve and lights 19-20-21 flashing. It keeps in this state until I unplug it. If I let off some steam from the wand and plug it back in within a minute or so it will over pressurize again even on standby, but if I wait 5 minutes it will operate normally again, turning on and off to maintain pressure.

Are these early signs of the triac not shutting off fully?


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Re: Triac failure signs?

Post by zirtbow » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:52 am

I think another user on this forum posted that a sign of triac failure was that if you turn the machine off at the control panel but still plugged in and otherwise "on" then the boiler heats up. Could be your temperature probe is going bad if your triac isn't failing. I had a similar problem that was the temp probe on my steam boiler. I have a Vivaldi though so the temp probe was the same on the steam boiler was it was on the group head so I swapped them to see the problem stopped with the group head probe. Not sure if you could try the same on the mini.

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