Very close to Vivaldi II

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Very close to Vivaldi II

Post by einsteins » Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:13 pm

Hello all

I am very close to pulling the trigger on a Vivaldi II

Thought I would pop in and see what recommendations you owners might have as I consider my purchase.
I use a Vario grinder and currently have a La Nuovo Era cuadra E61 machine

I am looking at the Vivaldi II
Bottomless portafilter
inline filtration/softner (recommendations on this welcome)
Plumbing kit using Jguest line and fittings
Tamper in 53mm
Distribution tool in 53mm (limited 53mm availability unless I want to spend 150.00+)

I am concerned about the availability of 53mm accessories but I am sure they are out there.

Any other recommendations or must-haves for this machine?

The other machine I have not ruled out just yet is the Expobar Brewtus IV R (leaning towards the Vivaldi because of programmable shots)

Really appreciate any feedback/recommendations you might have...

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Re: Very close to Vivaldi II

Post by Atomic » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:48 am

Not sure if you got something yet?

Maybe a little more info on your goal? Temp stability, steaming, double boiler, faster back to back drinks, or just plain better in the cup?

Sometimes having local service is more important, so what machines are available near you?

Why the Vivaldi and not the Dream? This just because I went to the Dream for the benefits of the ongoing software updates which do/have improved the functionality, the auto on/off built in feature, PID.., example the new update includes ability for external smart plug tech. Maybe you like the tactile and simplicity of the Vivaldi.

As for the 53mm it was a always a concern for accessories etc and recipe scaling compared to the 58mm but some might say its better and maybe less prone to channeling if properly prepped. Pucks are typically more wet and the baskets need more wiping but doesn't mean worse in the cup.

Precision baskets limited currently to just IMS.

Puck prep is really important but not sure if a distribution tool is really the magic fix. Matt Perger of Barista Hustle has been doing some detailed investigation into the great distribution debate. So far not seeing much difference between palm tap and OCD tool. After WTD, I've been doing a flat counter tap with the bottomless PF and find it always mounds to one side, then rotate the basket (its loose) 180, tap again and usually by the 3rd tap its very flat. Tamp till compressed, not specific weight, no polish, no nutation. Been working really good for me. So paying $150+ for a Saint Anthony distribution tool might not be the perfect fix... but in comparison to the price of the rest of the equipment it's cheap lol.

Maybe the best thing to do is spend more money on a better grinder first and more work on puck prep. I was running a Vario for years and it was good but not super consistent. I moved up to a Monolith Conical. Quite different, very consistent, bigger sweet spot, easier for single dosing...but again it fits within my budget.

I also thought I would use the programmable dosing feature the end almost never. Weighing the output is more important for consistency and recipe tweaking for me.

Let us know what you get!

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