Steam Boiler Not Fully Heating

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Steam Boiler Not Fully Heating

Post by JerDGold » Mon Dec 24, 2018 12:57 pm

Sorry for formatting, posting on mobile.

I woke up this morning to my mini Vivaldi on, but with the low water light on. I assume it was in this state for about 2-5 hours. (My wife often turns it on for me before I wake up). When I woke up, I refilled the water, pulled a shot, steamed milk.

The hot water dispenser worked, and the pump did activate to refill the steam boiler. However, steam power and hot water temperature quickly dissipated and did not recover. I turned off the ma give to deal with later

Cue today. With the machine on, hot water will not dispense, but I can hear the relay click when I try to use the dispenser. I can hear the steam element working but it doesn't ever turn off and the steam boiler itself is somewhere between warm and hot. (I can touch it for extended periods of time).

I haven't opened it yet, but I believe it is full of water because the tube that feeds water to the steam boiler appears to still be full of water.

My concern is that I now have a faulty steam boiler heating element. Would this cause my boiler not to dispense hot water? I did not receive any error codes that I saw.

Additionally, I had a blockage in my steam boiler a few months ago which I fixed. However, it appears the fixture leading from the pump to the steam boiler was not properly sealed/tightened by me because there is quite a bit of new scale buildup at the fixtures connection on the boiler. Could this be part of a problem? Where should I start diagnosing and what are some things I should be looking for?

Thanks for reading, I hope it wasn't too convoluted.

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