What can't I miss when inspecting a used machine?

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What can't I miss when inspecting a used machine?

Post by carnival » Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:52 am

Hey guys,

I searched around the forums for a bit, and couldn't find a post answering this question. If you remember one, please feel free to post a link.

Anyway, first post and hopefully soon a S1 owner as you - moving from the classic entry level machine Miss Silvia :grin: I recently upgraded my grinder form the Ascaso i2 to the Vario; next in turn is the actual espresso machine.

I found one on my local Craigslist equivalent, and the seller seems proper and like he is taking great care of the things he own. However, instead of just listening directly to my gut feeling, I'm trying to build up a checklist so that I have some things to check for before I buy.

My question is: What and how should I be checking when buying a used Mini? So far I have this:

- Ask the seller to find the backflush disk and noticing if it's easily accessible (i.e did he ever use it)
- Looking for any obvious external damage
- Test both boilers and the quality of the steam
- Looking for any leaks, dripping steam wand etc
- Press all buttons to see if they work

Which bullets should I add? :grin:

Thanks in advance and have a great day.

PS: The reason I post in this forum and not the Mini-forum is that 90 % of the bullet points probably end up being about general used coffee machine buying and not specifically about the Mini. A moderator can move it if they find it more appropriate

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