Mini Vivaldi II Steam Boiler Not Refilling or Dispensing Water

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Mini Vivaldi II Steam Boiler Not Refilling or Dispensing Water

Post by JerDGold » Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:53 pm

The pump is working, as the brew boiler runs and refills appropriately. When the problem initially occurred 2 months ago (it's taken me some time to begin this project) I came home to blocking alarm 5.7 Boiler Automatic Refill System Failure.

I've checked the water level probe (the silver rod that I can pull right out of the bolt?) and it appears to be clean, and the probe side connection appears to be ok. Most importantly however, when I took that bolt off and looked inside the boiler, it DOES have water inside. However, when I attempt to dispense water from hot water spigot, the pump makes a click sound (attempting to engage?) but no water comes out.

To me, this reads as a possible blockage somewhere. Why would there be water in the boiler, and the machine will not dispense water if the pump is in working condition?

I'm sorry that I don't know the correct names of the different parts.

You may remember me from reporting an electrical "pop and spark" a few months ago followed by being voted as worlds dirtiest looking boiler. I did replace and re-seat all connections on top of the steam boiler itself at that point, and everything worked fine for a month or so. Any advice on where else to look would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Mini Vivaldi II Steam Boiler Not Refilling or Dispensing Water

Post by chas » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:42 am

You have a water line blockage in the water refill path going into the boiler. The machine will not allow you to pump water out if new water doesn't flow in so that the heater element is not longer immersed in water. In that case the heater element would fry itself.

Usually mineral blockage in this line occurs in one of three places:
1) Just in front of the solenoid inside one of the fittings is a filter screen which could be clogged.
2) There is a gicleur valve right under the solenoid that can be removed by removing a nut and pulling it out for inspection
3) Sometimes a mineral deposit forms right here the water line enters the boiler. You will need to disconnect the water line at that point for inspection.
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