La Spaziale Dream - issues Hot Water Solenoid valve

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La Spaziale Dream - issues Hot Water Solenoid valve

Post by cofex » Wed May 16, 2018 10:17 am


When I push the tap hot water on my Dream, the machine just shuts off or the breaker goes off.

I troubleshoot with Chris Coffee technician and he said I need a new hot water solenoid valve.

I unplugged the hot water solenoid and the machine works now without the hot water option, the steam works well.


1. Any issue using the machine without using the hot water. I dont really need hot water.
2. If I take out the hot water solenoid valve and clean it , would this make the hot water work?

Thank you ...
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Re: La Spaziale Dream - issues Hot Water Solenoid valve

Post by zirtbow » Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:52 pm

I'm not an expert enough to know but if it works without the valve plugged in then you're probably going to have to replace it so cleaning it out can't hurt. However since it just plain shuts off when you activate it I wonder if it has some other electrical problem beyond just cleaning it. Still the machine will probably work fine without the hot water part as long as you don't disconnect the hot water hose coming off the boiler. I just went through this process with mine but I didn't have the breaker problem you're having. If you're handy and comfortable doing the work you can pull the valve off the side of the water valve and check to see if the piece inside is stuck or gummed up.

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