I'm Back In The Fold

Post photos and descriptions of your S1 V1, S1 V2, and/or S1 Dream coffee set ups here.
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I'm Back In The Fold

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Well, after quite a few years with first a Mini S1-VI and then veering a little off track with a Breville BES900 I just got a new Dream T delivered from Chris Coffee. I had recently sold my Baratza Vario grinder and upgraded to an Anfim CODY II and decided a new espresso machine would get me back in the fold of S1Cafe group (and make me happy). I'd been sitting on the sidelines as the Dream machines went through some early teething problems but figured those are mostly history and just had to come back. So far I've pulled exactly 1 shot (29 sec for 2 oz) and also only steamed milk once for my normal latte. One taste and I couldn't be happier. The machine came set at 202F with pre-infusion chamber installed and I just ground a little extra to guesstimate for the triple basket and got lucky. I had forgotten the steaming power - Wow! Since I've sorta become a wood nut in my retirement I've got wood panels coming once they get made. If I get a huge surge energy someday from too much caffeine and can find some nice exotic slabs of bubinga or cocobola I may try to duplicate my own panels. I'll attach a photo of my setup once I figure out how to do that no doubt simple task.
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Re: I'm Back In The Fold

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Welcome back!
The Vivaldi is THE affordable double boiler to own.
Still no upgradatis to speak of on my side (full disclosure: I also have a number of lever machines...) :grin:
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