Silicone Group gasket

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Silicone Group gasket

Post by rhinoevans »

Got the group gasket made of silicone and it work great. No long term since I just got it. The seal with the portafilter is great. Was having some least with the triple basket. No leaks with the new gasket

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Re: Silicone Group gasket

Post by chas »

I am only using my GS/3 at the moment and it has a silicone gasket. I have one portafilter that - in conjunction with the gasket - lets me know when it it time for a cleaning. I don't know if it's the gasket along with coffee oils or what, but the PF unscrews itself while pulling a shot. If I am not watching for it, the PF can actually drop off. The other PF doesn't do this.

Has anyone seen this happen on their machines that use a silicone gasket?
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Re: Silicone Group gasket

Post by caf4brains »

I've had that happen with a conventional gasket when I didn't tighten the portafilter enough and had a full basket. You only do that once after cleaning up the mess. I don't yet have a silicone gasket to make a comparison, but I would presume that tightening the portafilter would work too.

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