S1VII Preinfusion Not Working

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S1VII Preinfusion Not Working

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Hi All - I am a new owner of a S1 Vivaldi II manufactured in 2011. The machine is in good condition and everything is working fine except for preinfusion so I'm trying to understand if I am doing something wrong.

Currently there is no preinfusion when pulling a shot. I cannot enter the preinfusion menu. When I press the boiler button in the configuration mode, nothing happens. I know the button works because it works during normal operation. It's like the machine doesn't recognize the option for preinfusion.

I believe it is running the correct firmware - I see the 3 yellow leds on power up and I can switch it between V1 and V2 modes. I can also adjust offset temperature. I have not tried the extended offset temperature yet.

Has anyone come across this or does my device needs upgraded firmware for preinfusion? I read this is only the case before 2008, but maybe not in all cases? I also read that if it enters V2 mode on power up then it should have updated firmware.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: S1VII Preinfusion Not Working

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You should contact Chris Coffee Service to see what they will charge you to update the firmware.
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