Flashing yellow light #19 at startup?

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Flashing yellow light #19 at startup?

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I have a new (used) mini V II that I got from a friend, it wasn't working. I took it apart to see why and found the Triac (new version) was faulty, so I replaced it. Now the coffee machine will light up when turned on but I get flashing yellow light #19. If I let it continue the machine seems to heat both the group and boiler, lights 14,15,16 go solid green and light 17,18,19 go solid yellow. I can hear the pump working but get no water from either the boiler or the group. Even when I do the "first time fill" procedure: pressing #27 & 23 together, I hear the pump but no filling.

I am guessing a plug in the plumbing somewhere, but wonder about the #19 light flashing at start? Any help/suggestions are welcome!

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