Boiler leaks and continues running, scale questions

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Boiler leaks and continues running, scale questions

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Hi, I have had my S1V1 for about five years (bought used). It recently started acting up where, if I started it cold, it would leak water from the boiler area until it heated up, then it was ok. Well now it just leaks until the 60 second fill timer is up and errors out. I decided to tear it apart and start looking and this is what I saw:

It did finally heat up and work again during this video, but I still wanted to find the leak or issue so tore it apart further (see attachments). I found a kind of black scale all in the boiler and on the heating element, temperature sensor, and on the tip of the fill probe. Is this something I can just dunk the whole boiler (probes, heating element, and all) in cafiza or something to get rid of all the scale? Or do I need to disassemble everything first? I already found the gasket thanks to this forum and will order it soon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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