Mini Vivaldi 2 - pump runs continuously

If something breaks post warranty, let us know about it. Tell us how you fixed it. Let us know how much the parts cost.
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Mini Vivaldi 2 - pump runs continuously

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I have an 8 year old mini V 2 that has an intermittent problem. Every couple of months, the vibro pump runs continuously. If I power cycle (turn off, wait a few seconds, turn on) the problem goes away and the machine works normally. Kind of hard to track it down. A few days ago, it happened again but this time a power cycle did not "fix" the problem and the pump continued to run continuously. I tried power cycling several times but the problem did not go away. I tried a couple of things and found that if I turn off the boiler, the pump stops running so I think it is related to filling the boiler.

I powered it down and took off the warming tray to look inside. I didn't see anything that looked burned or otherwise wrong. When I powered it up again, the problem went away and the machine worked correctly. Sigh. However, I expect this just a warning.

In looking at the manual and parts list, it looks like the boiler level sensor is a possible culprit. It is a $30 item and looks straight forward to replace. Does this make sense? Any thoughts on this? Any other things that could be a problem?

I do plan on resetting/tightening any electrical connectors in case it is something loose or oxidized, by the way.

One other thing, I have not flushed the machine in a long time. We have super low calcium water where I live (literally mountain water) so haven't felt the need to do it but will run a flush cycle just to be sure.

Thanks for your consieration
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