Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder

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Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder

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Just replaced my old ‘Rocky’ grinder with a brand new Eureka Specialita grinder. A huge difference, both in the grind experience and the resulting espresso. First the grinder, the Specialita is approx. 3 times faster, much quieter, does not clump and there I no static cling to the grounds. The Rocky from Rancillo was 14 years old and had new burrs that were two years old. The shots were a about 15-20 seconds long and quite decent, but always had a very slight bitterness to the taste. The Specialita’s grinds are very uniform, almost fluffy in texture, easy to tamper and once set give uniform 20 second shots. The flavour is sweeter and smoother. As an espresso shot very nice. However it is almost to silky and smooth in a cappuccino. Still experimenting with the grind. Next stop will be seeing if I need to make any changes to the settings on the S1.

Any one else have comments on the Eurek Specialita grinder?
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