Reservoir changing flavor of water - not for the better

Did you have an issue or question about operation of your Dream T tank machine on Day One right out of the box? If so, report it here and also keep us abreast of the resolution.
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Reservoir changing flavor of water - not for the better

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I received a new Dream T from Chris Coffee a few weeks ago, and I'm having the trouble in the subject line.

I noticed the flavor from the hot water dispenser had a chemical flavor - almost chlorine-like. I checked the water from our tap, and it was perfectly fine, as always. Then I removed the water reservoir from the Dream T. I dipped a cup into the reservoir and took a taste. Yech - the chemical flavor from the hot water dispenser. I thought the problem might be the OSCAR filter that came with the tank, so I removed the OSCAR filter and refilled the tank. Evidently, the OSCAR filter was not the problem, because, after a few hours, the water from the reservoir tasted bad again.

Is this a typical issue? Will it go away after a time? If not, how are other Dream T users dealing with it?

P.S., my water hardness is 7 PPM. I tested the flow from the tank with and without the OSCAR filter (with a fresh tank of water and the filter in overnight). I see no difference; the hardness was 7 PPM from the tap, from the reservoir with the filter, and from the reservoir without the filter. I'm using Hach Total Water Hardness strips to measure. 7 PPM was also the reading I received from the strips that Chris shipped with the Dream T. Any recommendations for a better alternative to reduce my water hardness?
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