Bunn G3 for espresso?

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Bunn G3 for espresso?

Post by Ristretto »

Hello all!

From reading the topics here, I sure hope I found the right forum!

Short background - I love espresso and the process. I take pride in doing this as cheap as possible, with the best quality I can manage.
Roaster: 1040w popcorn popper
Grinder: Breville Smart Pro (now toasted gears)
Espresso machine: several starbucks Baristas (reconditioned)
8' x 18" stainless counter

My current grinder imploded recently (Breville Smart Pro). I can have it repaired for $80, but still plastic gears.
I located a Bunn G3 grinder (reconditioned) for less than $200.00

Can anyone here tell me if the G3 can match or outperform the Breville for espresso? I have researched as much as possible and have read that the major issue for espresso grind is lack of fine adjustment. I'm just not sure it will do a real espresso level grind. Long ago, I tried a $100 cuisenart which would not grind fine enough to do an espresso - think salt grain size.
If the only issue with the G3 is grind selection, I have read others taking out the selector position detent to create stepless settings. I can also buy a Ditting burr set if I need finer/turkish setting.

So, please tell me your opinions! Keep in mind I won't be buying a nice $$$$ italian grinder. That would be too easy.
I just need to know:
1. Will the G3 grind fine enough to match the quality I got from the Breville?
2. Will I need to upgrade to the Ditting burrset to get espresso grind?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts, as long as your thoughts aren't "just throw lots of money at it!"
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