How to get fully programmable Hot Water volume

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How to get fully programmable Hot Water volume

Post by chas » Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:38 am

One of the things I complained about to CCS after my initial run through of the new programming features was that the hot water only allowed for manual delivery (push button to start, push again to stop) or automatic delivery with the only current menu option being 5 seconds. At least on my machine 5s = 4 oz. When I need water for tea or an Americano I normally want 6 oz so I that forced me into using only the manual mode.

However, Jason discovered that the current Dream software does have an "infinitely*" programmable volume mode. *The warning against taking more than 8oz at a time still stands since you want to ensure that the steam boiler heat element is always submerged.

Enter the menu system and then into your profile. Set the hot water to automatic and then press the ok/menu button. This will bring up the screen with the 5 sec option. Press the hot water button to start delivery and then press it again to stop and then exit out and it will remember the new setting. The menu will now show the number of seconds your just programmed rather than 5sec

Now that I tried the hot water programming myself I had an "ah ha" moment. It turns out that the hot water is fully programmable and ONLY fully programmable. Now that I have it set for 6oz, the time on that menu shows 8s rather than 5s. So the 5s is on the menu solely because that is the factory default setting, not because it is a hardwired value.
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