Pulling shot and cuts out after steaming on 15a mode

Did you have an issue or question about operation of your Dream T tank machine on Day One right out of the box? If so, report it here and also keep us abreast of the resolution.
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Pulling shot and cuts out after steaming on 15a mode

Post by Atomic » Fri Jul 18, 2014 9:26 pm

I've encountered the same issue twice now where after steaming i pull a shot and a few seconds in and it cuts out for a second or two and then kicks back on...but then shot ruined. Running 15a mode. Is this the boiler taking priority? I've stopped the boiler right after steaming and haven't seen the issue again...or is it just a fluke. This never has occurred when pulling a shot first and steaming after.

I've always been running in manual mode for pulling shots and I also notice last week that I went to stop a shot and the solenoid made a noise but didn't cut out.... and then hit the power button to stop it. This worried me but haven't encounter it again since.

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Re: Pulling shot and cuts out after steaming on 15a mode

Post by chas » Sat Jul 19, 2014 9:02 am

When in 15A mode all S1s are designed so that the group boiler always gets priority over the steam boiler. So if the group boiler is on while pulling a shot the steam boiler will not come on. Conversely, if the steam boiler heater is on and the group needs heat the steam boiler will shut off and the group boiler will turn on. Also, switching which boiler is on should have no impact on actually pulling a shot. The events are completely independent.

There are two aspects of pulling a shot. The pump is on and the group solenoid is on. So for your issue it seems that either the pump is turning off, the solenoid is turning off, or both. If both are going off then it sounds like a problem with the controller board. The latter is not likely.

I guess with a Dream T there is one other possibility - that the pump is losing its prime. However, in the case the sound of the pump would probably be louder as it is sucking air instead of water.

Your 2nd issue definitely sounds like a sticking solenoid. Sometimes you have to remove the solenoid, then extract the plunger valve that the solenoid engages for cleaning. However, often a good backflush with Cafiza will do the job,
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