Any buyer's remorse? Dream T vs Mini

General questions, comments, and discussions about the Dream Tank version. New owners post your impressions of your Dream T - likes, dislikes, and any other comments.
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Any buyer's remorse? Dream T vs Mini

Post by Amos54 »

I've decided to upgrade from my Silvia/Rocky. I'm looking very closely at the Dream T and Mini Vivaldi. Having owned the Dream T, do you have any buyer's remorse? Do to the nature of this site, most of the streams are about issues, problems and solutions. Are you (as an owner) satisfied?

Anything that you think I should consider in the final few days before my purchase?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Any buyer's remorse? Dream T vs Mini

Post by flchriso »

I know this thread is really old, but I thought I would reach out to you and see what you ended up doing? At this point can you answer the question you posed? I am in the same boat that you were in and am just curious to see how it panned out. The Dream-T checks more of my boxes than the Mini Vivaldi II has, but I have hesitation because of the issues that have been around with the Dream.

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Re: Any buyer's remorse? Dream T vs Mini

Post by monkeybongo »

Probably a late response but I've owned the Dream T since 2014. No major issues to report at this time and nothing specific to the small difference between the Vivaldi and Dream.

I've owned a Silvia in the past and the Dream T is a certainly a nice upgrade and has a lot of great features that make it a nice daily driver. Huge drip tray and only need to empty it once a week.

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Re: Any buyer's remorse? Dream T vs Mini

Post by myke2241 »

my issue i had and still have... when i purchased my Dream T the feature list stated extremely quiet vibratory pump. i really wondered compared to what. the machine is just loud by my standards. the machine is great and has been pretty reliable.

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Re: Any buyer's remorse? Dream T vs Mini

Post by lowellw2 »

I’ll second the “loud” vibratory pump although I have noticed it is a fair amount quieter when the tank is completely full. I have no idea as to why. Of course sound is rather relative. Very dependable and consistent otherwise. The sound (to my recollection) is less than my LaSpaziale Mini I had some years ago. I would say the words “extremely quiet” should not have been used in the description but I have no replacement words.
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