Line pressure with regulator

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Line pressure with regulator

Post by goodboyr » Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:57 pm

I just got a pressure regulator fron CCS and I've installed it in the 3/8 JG line going to my Dream. Prior to this, when I was on straight house line pressure, the pressure reading during pre infusion and at idle was exactly 4 bar. This seems correct as standard house pressure. Now with the pressure regulator, I've adjusted it to read 3 bar at my machine during the pre infusion stage. At idle it reads 3.2 bar. However, the gauge on my pressure regulator reads 3.5 bar during pre infusion and about 3.8 bar at idle. There's maybe 4 ft of 3/8 JG tubing between the pressure regulator and the stainless steel braided line that connects to the machine. Does this make sense? Should I trust the dream pressure readout or the regulator gauge?
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