Newly Discovered Tank vs Plumbed Difference

This forum is to share pre-launch information about the next generation LaSpaziale S1 which will be sold under the name "S1 Dream" for the plumbed version and S1 Dream T for the tank version.
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Newly Discovered Tank vs Plumbed Difference

Post by chas » Wed Nov 14, 2012 5:05 pm

On the V2 and V2 Mini, both use the same rectangular dual manometer to display steam boiler pressure and group pressure. Since the Dream uses only a single manometer for steam boiler pressure and uses the LCD to display the group pressure digitally, I had assumed that the Dream T would work the same way. However, the CCS Dream T web page states that it uses a dual manometer. I asked about this thinking it was in error. It turns out that this is NOT an error.

The fact that the pressure from the vibe pump oscillates around the set point as noted by the needle vibration on the Mini's pressure gauge does not lend itself to the digital display. So the Dream T WILL use a dual manometer and WILL NOT display the group pressure digitally on the LCD. What I don't know is whether the Dream T will use the exact same dual gauge as the Mini or a new design. I'll ask that question next.
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Re: Newly Discovered Tank vs Plumbed Difference

Post by GDK » Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:48 pm

In a way I like the two pressures to be displayed in a consistent manner.


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