This forum is to share pre-launch information about the next generation LaSpaziale S1 which will be sold under the name "S1 Dream" for the plumbed version and S1 Dream T for the tank version.
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Post by chas » Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:42 pm

Chris mentioned to me that they have 20 Dream Espresso machines being tested in house now. These are some mix of Tank and Plumbed versions. I don't know if Chris plans to wait to see how quickly these sell before ordering more or if he has already has another shipment in progress. However, based on past experience, if you are dying to have one of these and want one of these first ones this year, it would probably not hurt to e-mail Chris now directly or by the contact feature on their website and reserve a spot in line. By the these time show up on the CCS website, they may all be spoken for within hours.
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