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Dream main fuse failure.

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:54 pm
by goodboyr
Yesterday my 4 year old dream powered down. Checked the outlet ( it's a 20 amp) and it was fine. So I checked the main 20 amp fuse at the base of the machine (there are two there, the 20 amp main power and a 2 amp control fuse). Main fuse was blown. Put in a new one (fyi they are readily available as "20 amp ceramic microwave fuse"). Still no go. Looked inside and noted that one of the spade terminal connections that goes to the fuse holder was off. And there were signs of overheating on the outside of this terminal. I cleaned up the connection, connected it up and all is good. So I think this was not properly terminated from factory, and over the years heated up and worked it's way off. I also noticed that these fuse holders are pretty low quality 15 amp rated. I plan on replacing it with a higher rated fuse holder and redoing the spade connections with crimp and solder. Just posting this to help others in case they encounter similar issues.

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