Problem: solenoid fill valve fails every two weeks

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Problem: solenoid fill valve fails every two weeks

Post by AlbyAlby » Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:46 am

Hope someone in the community could help lead me to fix this problem. My solenoid fill valve fails every other week which leads me to wake up to a leaky machine. I've had the solenoid replaced two months ago and it just constantly fails.. When I open up the solenoid valve, there are no residue inside. What could cause the solenoid valve to not close other than residue stuck in there?

Background info: Underneath, I have the two stage filter from Chris coffee. Water pressure seems okay going in and out. My city is known to have hard water.

Here is a picture of the solenoid.


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Re: Problem: solenoid fill valve fails every two weeks

Post by goodboyr » Mon Oct 31, 2016 4:02 pm

dream inlet valve.JPG
dream inlet valve.JPG (27.95 KiB) Viewed 1870 times
The amount of debris that could cause this is almost microscopic. I went through a series of this, where it would stay ok for about 6 weeks and then I would have to clean again. Finally, instead of just removing the plunger and cleaning under the seat (I used a magnifying glass, and a Q tip with alcohol to get it clean, I removed the valve body. The inlet entrance has a tiny mesh filter, and a washer. I noted that when fitted, the washer and filter were too thin to completely cover the opening to the valve body. So in effect, debris was bypassing the mesh filter and getting under the seat. I bought a Parker solenoid valve to replace it, and it had a smaller inlet opening and that allowed the filter to do its job. I'm talking about parts 1131 and 2284 on the parts diagram. They fit loosely into the inlet and allow bypass to occur.
BTW. I noticed that when the boiler fills with the new valve, the indicated pressure is about 3 bar. With the old valve with the bigger gap, it was about 6 bar. I'm sure the higher pressure was helping force debris into seat.
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