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iRoast (therefore I am...

Post by Niko » Sun Nov 04, 2007 2:51 pm

My iRoar2 thinks it's a drum roaster (sort of). :P
I got a full 15 minute roast out of it today not including the cooling time.
The roast came out to a gorgeous Full City (maybe +) but no more. The beans were smoooooooth without a drop of oil anywhere and smell was very sweet.

The bean: Nicaragua Limoncillo - Java Longberry

The Profile:


The Trick:
drop the voltage to 110 after 1st crack is finished. This will slow the roast down and drop the temp a few degrees in the process. The time between the cracks is extended to over 3 minutes. The roaster tops off at 420 degrees in this profile with these voltages.

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Post by Weska » Sun Nov 04, 2007 3:04 pm

Ah, this post is leading the way for me, Niko.

I've been using my Gene so far as a superior Whirley-pop. That is, it goes full out until I cut the roast. I've gotten pretty used to hearing the cracks (complicated in my case because I'm always doing blends) and stopping with sufficient lead time so as not to over-roast. The results are now both agreeable and reasonably consistent.

Next step, maybe the very next roast, will be to cut the nominal temperature down as first crack is cleared.

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