Electricity problem when brew boiler reaches set temperature

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Electricity problem when brew boiler reaches set temperature

Post by KimH » Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:07 am


I have used my Vivaldi for more than a year without any problems, but after descaling the Vivaldi II yesterday I got a problem. The power relay in my house keeps cutting the electricity when the brew boiler has reached the set temperature.
I have described what happend as good as I remember:

1. emptied the steam boiler using drain in the bottom.
2. turned on machine.
3. steam boiler was filled
4. only steam boiler LED was blinking
5. turned off/on the machine
6. more water was filled to the steam boiler (overfilled i guess)
7. both steam boiler and brew boiler was heating.
8. water splashed out of over pressure valve on top of steam boiler
9. I immediately turned off the machine and drained the steam boiler again.
10. dried out all visible water and waited 24 hours before the machine was turned on again.
11. Steam boiler was filled again, and this time i followed the instructions in the user guide to avoid overfilling.
12. Steam boiler led is blinking and brew boiler leds are blinking as normal warm up.
13. As soon as the brew boiler reaches the set temperature, the power relay in my house turns off all electricity.

I assume that I should not have turned off/on the machine after the first refill in #4/#5, but I was not aware of this behavior before I read the user guide afterwards.

Now, every time I turn on the machine #13 happens. I have also tried swithing to ECON mode, but the problem is the same. Every time the brew boiler reaches its set temperature something happens to the electricity and the relays in my house cuts off the power.

Any ideas what is wrong and what I can do to troubleshoot?

PS. I am in Denmark/Europe and do not have the 10/20 Amp issue as you have in the US.

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