Mini water pull issue

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Mini water pull issue

Post by coorats » Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:42 pm

Well to say I am excited to have just got this machine is an understatement. I have been having an issue with water being pulled from the tank though. I have searched this forum for hours and can't come across the same issue although I am sure it is here. Any ideas how to solve? It seems if I push on the tank while the pump is on it will pull water. Just don't want to mess with much till i hear if anyone else has any input.


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Re: Mini water pull issue

Post by Endo » Sun Feb 13, 2011 9:21 pm

I remember reading about a few people with this issue. There's this thread from a guy with one of the first machines:

If it works when you push in the reservoir, then it may be just a "fit" tolerance issue with the reservoir or frame. It may be banging up against the front chrome panel before it is completely seated in the back where the male and female parts mate on the reservoir inlet (there are two o-rings on the male part).

You could try removing the two bolts in the front to remove the front panel, but this will only allow it to go in a little more (the thickness of the front panel).

The inlet is mounted to a part of the frame in back and the chrome panel in front is mounted to a frame tab as well. These tabs are VERY stiff so I doubt they can be bent. I'd say the only thing you could do is to add another washer (shim) under the star washer in the back that the male inlet is attached to.

To be honest, I'd leave this up to your retailer since you shouldn't have to deal with this on a new machine.

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Re: Mini water pull issue

Post by symbology » Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:13 pm

I was having pump issues, and when I contacted Chris' Coffee they had me try and bend the tab that holds the connector in the machine. They had me use a small adjustable wrench and use it to grab the tab and bend it forward just a little tiny bit. This ended up not being my issue, but it should fix yours.

Good luck....
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