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Temperature says 92 C but is 25 degrees low

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 11:33 pm
by TiggerMark
I got a digital thermometer to test some stuff and decided to stick it in the hot water of La Spaz and see if it's right. IT CAME OUT ABOUT 172 degrees instead of 203!

WHAT IS THE DEAL? How do I get it hotter? I'm completely flummoxed that I've been making coffee for two years with this thinking I had the right tem because the lights on the front were flashing to 92 degrees C and yet ... it's not close to that.

Before you ask if my dig therm is off, I borrowed another one and it read just the same. Did the ice water test too - thermometer isn't perfect but it's not 30 degrees off.


Re: Temperature says 92 C but is 25 degrees low

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 10:18 am
by slo
First; where and how are you measuring the temperature?
If you are measuring the water falling out of the shower screen, the temperature will always be much lower than the boiler temperature. Furthermore the temperature of falling water will also be lower than the temperature of water hitting the coffee puck since it has more temperature exchange with the environment due to the large surface area open to the air.

The 92C you are seeing is the temperature inside the boiler. If you want the temperature of the water coming out of the group to be at 92C, you will have to raise the boiler temperature since the water path outside of the boiler is always colder than the boiler temperature.
The Vivaldi allows for you to offset the temperature displayed to be more aligned with the temperature of the water coming out of the group (what would be the temperature as it hits the coffee puck. You will find this in your Owner"s manual ( ... alRevI.pdf) at page 13.

Again, be aware that the temperature measured at water flowing down is not the brewing temperature. There are devices sold to be able to get the actual brewing temperature (Scace device as an example). I personally made my own. I am sure that the actual temperature that I measured was not as accurate as from a Scace device but it was good enough for me.

Also when you get water to flow the group repeatedly you increase the water path temperature and reduce the energy loss and the resulting temperature at the coffee will be higher. Try to always measure/adjust your setting in a manner that is consistent with how you will actually brew your espresso.

For example: I leave the machine ON 24/7 and will always run 2 warning shots before brewing my espresso. Hence my brewing set up is the 3 shot. I have set the temperature offset to be reflective of that condition.

In the end the temperature setting will be what you prefer it to be. The temperature reading value is a very relative number.

I did this a long time ago... Now I only move the temperature up and down from that point as I feel that it needs it.

Re: Temperature says 92 C but is 25 degrees low

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 1:02 pm
by TiggerMark
THANK YOU. This was super helpful!