Thoughts on PID'ing the group boiler (non-Dream)

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Thoughts on PID'ing the group boiler (non-Dream)

Post by gschroeder81 » Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:46 pm

I have read around a bit on this forum and it appears that there is a sentiment that the S1 would not benefit much from a PID on the group boiler. Is that still the thought? Is there a noticeable difference when using the Dream, which uses a PID? Does anyone know how wide the gap is in between the thermostat Off and On? I would not be surprised if there was 5 degrees F of "slop" in the boiler itself.

It would not seem that difficult to add a PID to the machine, although I don't really know off hand what mod would need to be done to the motherboard. Probably would not be too hard to trick it. I have a PID controller laying around and would look into it if there is a benefit. If there isn't really a significant temp swing out of the group itself, then I suppose it is not worth the hassle of figuring it out. Any thoughts?
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