Boiler Off Option, SS Screws, Easier Cabinet Access

What would you change about your LaSpaziale espresso machine?
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Boiler Off Option, SS Screws, Easier Cabinet Access

Post by V2owner » Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:32 am

#1...I have a timer but don't steam milk, so it would be nice not to have the boiler running

#2....some rust on screws. Why didn't they use more stainless?

#3...what a PITA it is to remove and replace the covers. 6 screws underneath and not easy to reach, 6 thumbscrews - some in tight places or with wires in the way, side panels don't easily mesh with rear and front panels. What should take 1 minute takes 15. 5 screws holding each side panel is overkill. I've had a few machines but never one this difficult to access.

#4...the group head connection to portafilter design allows the portafilter to be attempted to be put on at an incorrect angle, scratching and denting the portafilter next to the handle and in the side, opposite the handle.

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