New Vacuum Breaker

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New Vacuum Breaker

Post by Endo » Tue Jun 29, 2010 9:42 pm

Has anyone installed this new vacuum breaker on their S1? ... eakervalve

It says it won't fit the my Mini but perhaps it will fit on the regular S1? Not sure how to route the tubing, but maybe someone has a suggestion?

Apparently the short vacuum breaker on the Mini lasts about 2 years before it needs replacing. I figure I'll replace mine the same time I do my OPV seat.

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Re: New Vacuum Breaker

Post by LJCoffeeGuy » Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:03 am

I'd trust that it may not work on the Mini, but that it would on the regular S1. With the tank and other routing considerations in the mini, may not work. Give Tim or Roger at Chris Coffee a call and ask if there are any mods that could be done.

As far as routing the tubing, looking at page 20 of the mini manual, the tube to the right of the gauge (coming from the 3-way) is where I would route the tubing and zip tie it to that. I think I would use silicone tubing from Chris.

I noticed that on page 10 of the Mini manual the picture is actually of a regular plumbed in S1, not the Mini, so I couldn't see an actual photo of the mini innards....if you have a picture, please email it or upload it to this thread.

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