S1 Rossini (Single Boiler)

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S1 Rossini (Single Boiler)

Post by AndrewC » Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:15 pm

Hi Everyone!

Just picked up this used S1 Rossini on the weekend for $500. Very much in love!

Some details on the S1 Rossini for those who may not know about this rogue cousin of the Vivaldi:
S1 V1 Rossini (Manufactured 2003)
Single Boiler (0.45L)
Pourover (3L tank)
Vibe Pump

Thanks to Endo for his detailed instructions for group boiler descale (Endo's Mini Descale). The previous owner had in fact done a reasonable job keeping the scale to a minimum, only minor scrubbing required!

Also thanks to all the users who suggested LED lighting installations. I ended up stealing my wife's bedside reading lights (Sylvania Dot-It). They are battery operated (3xAAA) with a simple push to turn on. Best of all, they come with a magnetic base!!!

I am very happy with the performance of this machine. No problems to report with the quality of the steam, despite being a single boiler.


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