No leak but frozen pump

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No leak but frozen pump

Post by Cu$hman » Sun May 07, 2017 3:12 pm

The S1 Cafe has never let me down!

I was experiencing problems with my S1 pump.

Thanks for the many posts and photo's. We are snow birds and have a S1 at both homes, both purchased used on CL. Upon return this spring to the NW the S1 was sounding funny. The pre-infusion would start and the pump motor would hummmmmm but something didn't sound right. After checking the "Operational Problems" forum I was sure I was going to be buying either a new bearing, new pump or motor or both.

Today I pulled the pump/motor assembly, neither showing any signs of corrosion but after removing the pump for the motor I found that the pump was frozen. I put in my vice with a set of soft jaws to protect the pump and tried to turn the pump gently with a crescent wrench. Applying gentle increasing force the pump shaft began to move. There were now alarming screeching or grinding noises so I started moving it back and forth gently. The shaft eventually began moving freely. I could move it with my fingers. I went back in the house fired up the S1, turned off the boiler and then checked to make sure the pump motor was working and it was. I turned it back off, reinstalled the pump and retried the pump/motor combo. Everything seems to be working now. My guess is that the S1 didn't like being ignored for 6 months.

I will put everything back to operational tomorrow and let you know how it's working

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