Loud Rattling when steam boiler is heating

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Loud Rattling when steam boiler is heating

Post by JRG » Tue Jul 12, 2005 8:49 pm

Has anyone had problems with LOUD rattling when the steam boiler is heating? My machine is about 2 months old, and it started this at about 3 weeks. It sounds like a marble in a tin can. I have taken the top and front panel off, and have found nothing loose. Pressing against the side and back panels does not have any effect (I am reluctant to try to remove the side panels - I'm disabled, in a wheelchair, and also have problems with my hands). I bought all of the filters recommeded by the retailers, so there shouldn't be anything in the boiler - I watched the plumber install it, and made sure he purged the filters with a couple gallons of water. Does anyone know a machine repair service in the DC Metro area which works on the S1? I know I will have to pay for service, but I have no choice - I can't take the thing completely apart myself. The sound is literally getting worse every day, and don't I get from much help at all from the dealer (out of state) - lot's of sarcasm, though. I may be selling it CHEAP real soon, if anyone wants a fixer-upper or spare parts.

I wish I had read this forum more closely prior to buying - I thought I was getting a good quality machine for $1900, not a DIY project. I want my Silvia back.

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Post by admin » Tue Jul 12, 2005 9:05 pm

Who did you purchase the S1 from? I know most of us bought ours form Chris Coffee but I know that he's now acting as US Distributor and others are now selling the machine as well. The main reason I ask is because your experience with your vendor's tech support doesn't sound like what most of us have experienced from Chris Coffee.

Does this noise only occur on initial heat up or also everytime the boiler cycles? I get a little noise when mine is initially heating up as the pressure relief valve seats but this is more of a hiss than a rattle and only lastes for 10-15 seconds.

When you hear this noise is the pump also running or is it just the boiler heating? The pump can certainly make some nasty rattling noises if the inlet water pressure is too low.
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Post by padillatim » Tue Jul 19, 2005 12:37 pm


Not sure if this is the same, but when the steam boiler on my S1 cycles the boiler itself makes a rattling noise similar to what you describe. It is not terribly loud, nor does it happen each time the boiler cycles. The noise in my machine (I believe) is water inside the boiler boiling and is not a mechanical issue. Once the boiler is back to temp (the target presure has been reached) the heating element shuts off and the rumbling ceases.

Hope this helps.


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