Plumbing in the S1 from Laundry room

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Plumbing in the S1 from Laundry room

Post by jimmgtsci » Fri Feb 03, 2006 12:30 pm

I recently purchased the S1 from Chris's Coffee and discussed with Roger my water connection situation - the S1 was going to be in my Butler's Pantry which, while not close to my kitchen water hook-ups so it was impractical to tap on to supply lines there, was adjacent to my laundry room. He recommended using a "tapping valve" (that they sell for about $30.00) that would entail cutting a hole in my drywall and "tapping onto" the copper pipe that supplied cold water to my washing machine. From it I could do all the necessary connections to go to my machine - in my case I had to have a water softening filter (I have very hard water) and another filter for taste - plus because I also have high water pressure (85lbs. psi) I needed to reduce the pressure so I didn't have expansion valve leak issues that has troubled others on this website. So I ordered the tapping valve from Chris's Coffee - however when it arrived and I looked at it I was reluctant to use this for my application - I was concerned if something went wrong I would have major issues since I have limited plumbing expertise. And I had contacted my plumber about doing the work and his estimate was $150 - $200. Instead I went to Lowe's and got a "Y" faucet fixture (so I could now have one outlet for my washer water line/another as my S1 water source) and a "reducer" fitting (brass - which reduced it down to 1/4/ inches) that would work with the rest of the plumbing system that Chris's Coffee sent for the installation. While this sounds a bit complicated I was able to do the entire installation in less than 90 minutes (I also had to drill holes in my cabinets in the Laundry room to run the piping/install the filters/water pressure reducer, etc.) and it works like a charm.


Post by liftoff » Sat Feb 04, 2006 8:53 pm

Nice! Amazing the lengths some folks go to for a great espresso! It's usually worth it - I hope you enjoy your new machine/set-up!

ps. You should see if your Butler would be agreeable to begin training for a local barista competition, now that would be cool! :lol:

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Post by rhinoevans » Fri Feb 10, 2006 12:32 pm

I did almost the same type of set up for mine. It is on the opposite side of the kitchen from the sink. Next to the refrig. Iwas going to split off the water line from the refrig, but on the other side of the wall is the downstars bathroom. I tapped into the cold water line from the sink, ran a filter, and then ran the line through the dryway into the kitchen. It is behind the refrig. A few holes in the cabinets and I had water at the S1. It has worked perfect for 2 years now. I had the water softner fom Chris, which was needed when it was plumed under the sink in the kitchen in the old house. That water line is not soft (code), like the rest of the house. This way it get soft water from the house water softner system. Wish it had a drain!

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