Basket Size Issue Resolution

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Basket Size Issue Resolution

Post by admin » Thu Jan 12, 2006 10:21 am

For those of you who purchased S1's from Chris Coffee or perhaps for some of you with older machines that recently purchased additional double baskets, Chris asked me to pass this info along to you...

A number of recent purchasers have complained that the double basket size is not the same as it used to be. Chris worked on this issue with La Spaziale. It turns out that the stamping die used by their vendor wore out and when they made a new one it wasn't the exact same size. They have fixed this problem and Chris now has replacement baskets which he is willing to swap with those customers affected by this issue.

He says the way to tell if you are affected by this issue is to compare the single and double baskets that came with your S1. Both should be the same size; i.e. your tamper should fit both equally as well. If they are obviously different, give Chris Coffee a call.

P.S. I forgot one bit of important info. Chris says that all S1's shipped since 12/1/05 will not have this problem.
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