Triple vs double basket update

For generic information on making espresso, coffee geek, Sweet Maria's web site and many others excel at this tutorial level of information. However, if you've been there and done that but have specific questions and concerns about getting the best espresso on the S1/VII/Mini-VII/Dream/Dream T, post those topics here.
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Triple vs double basket update

Post by gene » Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:16 am

Sylvain, John, Endo and so many others have shaped me over the years and have really helped me with the La Spaz. Roasting competitions have improved my roasts. This culminated in an email received last week from a 1776 Bike Trail crosscountry bicyclist I let camp across from my home:
"Gene, I arrived on campus here at UCAL yesterday ready to begin my doctorate. Have to fly back to NC to pick up my car next week. Yours was best espresso in 3500 miles. If you'll be around would love to drive up and have another cup on my way West."
Wow, 200 miles North and 200 miles back South for a cup. My chest swelled. This kid has been in country three years and completed bachelors and masters.
Sorry for digression but this is Pursuit of the God Shot.
Back to background: From my faulty, rusty memory, Sylvain had instructed me to grind to aim for one to 1 1/2 ounces in 35 seconds for a double. Try to keep tamp around 20 pounds pressure. Back in 2011, somewhere on this site, he stated that for over 15-16 grams he now uses triple.

A few days ago started using the triple since my standard has been 16.5 in the double. 16.5 has always left impression in puck. With only a few days to judge using the triple seems to be an improvement due to extra headroom. The shot is definitely much richer.
Questions???? Still aim for light tamp? 17-18 grams muddies taste too much in triple as John suggested? A lot of my roasts are City+ to bring out the fruits, nuts, etc., and don't want to lose the distinct flavors of different terriors.

Have researched this site and this subject appears under several headings. A few random comments re using triple basket:
"You are looking for a richer tasting double and giving yourself a bit more headroom" and "the real rule is there are no rules"

Rhino Evans:
"Sad to announce the retirement of the faithful double basket.
Long live the Triple!!!"

Would appreciate further discussion on using the triple versus double. Hey, this is fun!

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Re: Triple vs double basket update

Post by chas » Mon Nov 18, 2013 8:53 am

I use my triple basket but probably actually make a "2 1/2". I leave a lot of head space but still put a bit more coffee in the basket than a double would hold.
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Re: Triple vs double basket update

Post by Todd » Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:48 am

I just got the new bottomless precision portafilter. Pulled a couple of shots using the triple basket using the same grind and volume (wieght in at 19g this morning), but it was short volume (had to adjust for that), then it seemed ok volume wise but taste was still a bit bitter. First shot the puck was a mess, the second still seemed wet and fell apart a bit. Any experience or advice that you have with this would be appreciated. I know it depends greatly on the coffee and the grinder but just curious what those of you that have a lot of experience with this have encountered. I have been struggling with shots that are a bit on the bitter side with the double as well.
Details on my setup:
Baratza Forte grinder
LaSpaziale S1 VII (One month old now)
17 -18 g of coffee (seems to change on me and creep up at times to 19 so I have to adjust that maybe).
Coffee: Temple Dharma blend (recommended by Temple for the Dharma blend (58mm portafilter obviously) that you use 22g, 28 seconds, with 32 gram shot, and I have tasted that in their class (multiple pulls by myself) and it was good, but can't quite duplicate it here at home).
coffee is fresh (always less than a couple weeks old) and Temple say peak is between 72 hours and 7 days after roasting. Right now I am using coffee that was roasted 5 - 6 days ago.
Edit: sorry 93 deg temp setting. I did accidentally reset this on my system but I adjusted for this some (-2 deg) but I don't know how I can correct for this now without purchasing a very expensive tool.
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