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For S1Cafe forum members only. If you are looking for an item for your S1 setup and/or have an item you'd like to swap or sell to another Forum Member, you may post it here. Please no links to the post from outside the forum. Please send private e-mail to admin once an item is sold so that it may be removed. Thanks!
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OT Post Warning

Post by chas » Wed Nov 16, 2011 12:57 pm

This forum is for the sale of Forum Member's coffee related equipment. Once it is sold and as soon as it is sold, the entire thread is deleted. Therefore, if you go off-topic on someone's for sale thread realize that anything you post in that thread is temporary and will be deleted. If you have a topic or question you are considering posting in a for sale thread but want the information flow to stick around, please open a new thread in an appropriate section of the forum?
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