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La Spaziale Wikipedia Page

Post by AndrewC » Sat Jul 12, 2014 10:50 am

Although I am complete beginner to Wikipedia, I have this morning created a draft for a LaSpaziale page which is currently under review. I intend on pulling reliable information from the manufacturer and industry to complete a profile of the company including world rank (I've heard 5th largest espresso machine manufacturer?). I also hope to create a subpage listing the equipment produced such as the S1. They are highly active in sponsoring espresso competitions worldwide so that would be nice to mention too. Since my wikipedia account was only created this morning, I am unable to add the company logo or images of the S1...

I am using examples similar to: ... o_products

To my surprise, editing and creating in wikipedia is a very easy task. If you have any information about LaSpaziale, it is entirely open for you to contribute!
Andrew Champion

LaSpaziale Mini Rossini
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