Without Fit, the Form has no Function*

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Without Fit, the Form has no Function*

Post by GlennT » Thu Feb 28, 2019 12:08 am

Much as I love the looks of the E61 grouphead and the price/performance ratio of HX machines, the burn risk overwhelms the benefits. My mother is in her 80’s, has extremely thin skin and can have balance issues. One slip/stumble followed by a hand gripping the grouphead can yield more doctor bills than the cost of the entire espresso machine and grinder.

The Vivaldi II resolves most of the burn hazard problems. Unfortunately, I have to fit whatever espresso machine I buy on the designated coffee bar (see Fig. 1). I could not find an HX machine that I liked that had a depth that fit the bar (Fig. 2). Rotated 90 degrees, the 8-13” “width” fits fine as the new depth.
Figure 1: Coffee Bar Width
coffee bar--width.jpeg
I initially dismissed the VII because it was deeper than the drip pan (see Fig 2). Then I did the old palm-to-the-face when I realized only the feet have to fit in the pan. So long as the feet are tall enough, it doesn’t matter if the front surface of the machine fits flush to the front of the bar. Even if the feet are too short/stubby to lift the machine > 1” above the pan, I can shim something underneath them to raise the front edge of the machine over the front face of the bar. I do NOT want to move the position of the feet because they’re probably mounted directly to the frame.
Figure 2: Coffee Bar Depth
coffee bar--Depth.jpeg
coffee bar--Depth.jpeg (73.57 KiB) Viewed 483 times
To join the Happy VII/A53 Club, I need some dimensional help:
1. What is the distance from the back wall of the machine to the back edge of the rear feet?
2. What is the distance from the front wall of the machine to the front edge of the front feet?
3. How high does the bottom of the machine lift off the counter surface?

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Re: Without Fit, the Form has no Function*

Post by BP10000 » Wed Mar 27, 2019 6:49 pm

I like what you're doing. Hope this helps:

1. The back feet are inset 1 3/4" (back against a flat wall to account for any curvature)
2. Front feet are inset 2"
3. Feet are 1" tall
4. The front of the front feet is 14 1/8" from the back wall

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