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What is the Laspaziale S1 Vivaldi II?

The LaSpaziale S1 Vivaldi II is an enhanced upgrade of the original S1 Vivaldi I. It has all the features of the original plus the following:

  • Dual pressure gauge showing both group and steam boiler pressures
  • Enhanced boiler temperature probe sensitivity of 0.5°C
  • Main temperature programmable in 1°C increments
  • Redesigned boiler temperature probes
  • Optional programmable On/Off timer. 3 cycles per day. Each day can be different.
  • ±8°C Temperature Offset
  • Programmable Preinfusion 0-8 seconds
  • The previous two features are on new machines purchased after 6/26/08 or upgradeable to earlier purchasers. See Chris Coffee Website for purchasing information. More information on these two features and installation manuals can be found below.

What is the Laspaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II?

The LaSpaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II is non-plumb in version of the Vivaldi II that differs in the following ways:

  • Three liter water tank with low water sensor
  • Steam boiler is 1/2 the size of the one in the V2 but with the same size heater element for rapid steaming
  • Steam control is a lever rather than a knob
  • Uses a vibe pump rather than a rotary pump
  • No integrated programmable pre-infusion. However, a mechanical pre-infusion option is available
  • All other features the same as the Vivaldi II

Downloadable User's Manuals

VII User's Manual - This Rev. I manual was updated on 12/24/2018. This update added a section documenting the ribbon cable connections on the front panel.

VII Mini User's Manual - This Rev H manual was updated on 12/24/2018. This update added a section documenting the ribbon cable connections on the front panel.

VII Timer User's Manual- Here is the User's Manual for the optional Timer available for both the VII and VII Mini. This is a virtual rewrite of the manual shipped with the timer.

Programmable Preinfusion and Extended Temperature Offset Upgrade

2008 VII Firmware Update- New VII's sold or older VII's upgraded after June 26, 2008 support enhanced temperature offset capability and programmable pre-infusion. This document describes how to upgrade existing machines including R&R of the controller board. It also includes the instructions for how to program the new offset and preinfusion capabilities for both upgraders and new machine purchasers. 

As an added bonus, here is a single page programming reference guide that covers all VII's with and without the above updates. If you don't have a color printer and need a grayscale version try this.  The VII MIni version of this reference guide is found on the last page of the Mini VII User's Manual.

The Mini VII has different firmware than the VII. The Mini VII includes ONLY the enhanced temperature offset feature.  Preinfusion is available for the Mini VII in the form of the optional Progressive Preinfusion device covered below.  All VII Mini's have the enhanced temperature feature so there is no need for MIni VII owners to require a firmware upgrade.

Alternate Preinfusion Upgrade Option

Progressive Preinfusion- This is a mechanical add-on preinfusion option being targeted at the Mini VII by Chris Coffee Service. However, it can be used to upgrade the VI and VII Machines as well. The above mentioned programmable preinfusion option is a superior solution for the VII. However, VII owners lacking the confidence to remove their controller board and return it to Chris Coffee for a software upgrade many also opt for this easier to install solution.

Other Useful VII Information

LaSpaziale Parts Catalog (2.0MB PDF)
This new manual has parts for all LaSpaziale S1 machines including the V1, V2, and Mini variants

VI Versus VII- This page has photos comparing the original S1 Vivaldi I and the new S1 Vivaldi II. It highlights the differences between the two units. If you're not already familiar with the parts and lay-out of the original VI, it may be best to review this page first.

VII Temperature Measurements - This page shows extensive temperature measurements across the entire VII programmable temperature range. These measurements are repeated with programmed offsets of 0deg;C, -1°C, and -2°C.

VII Power Analysis - See how much the electricity will cost you to operate you LaSpaziale S1 Vivaldi II.

Steam Arm Replacement - The attached PDF file has exploded diagrams of the following steam arms: V1/VII std, S5 replacement, and No-Burn Arm replacement.  If you are taking yours apart for cleaning, repairs, or replacement this will help you get things back together in the proper order. Also, it includes part numbers you can use in case you need to order a replacement.  Actual gaskets are taped onto the sheets adjacent to where they go so you can figure out which is which.

Note: The steam arm in the upper right of the diagram on the first page is the original VI steam arm in case anyone out there still has that one. This was replaced with the current steam arm (shown in the lower left of the diagram on the first page) over 3 years ago.

Expansion Valve and Group Boiler Pressure Testing and Adjustment - This page has adjusted the instructions relative to the original one posted for the VI to account for design changes in the VII.  The Mini VII does NOT have the expansion valve and the group pressure is set differently. This is covered in the Mini VII User's Manual.

VII Cheat Sheet - Here is a "cheat sheet" that can be applied above the control panel. The original version done for the VI has been updated for applicability to the VII. This is equally applicable to the Mini VII except that the Mini VII does NOT include programmable pre-infusion. 
This is a PDF file that will actually print 10 copies to a page. You can either print on plain paper and tape on or, for a more professional installation, you can use Inkjet Magnet sheets such as Avery part # 3270.

V2 Cheat Sheet

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